Helena Lobo-Zagorski

Helena Lobo-Zagorski

Want Your Home Sold? Call Now 646-279-8233

Want Your Home Sold? Call Now 646-279-8233

Agent You Can Trust

Agent You Can Trust

Helena Lobo-Zagorski

Broker Associate

646-279-8233 (cell)

Madison AdamsTM
67 East Allendale Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
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What people say?

Helena Zagorski and Madison Adams Realty is by far the best Realtor my husband and I have worked with in our process of finding the right home. We worked with a few others prior to this one, and it always seemed that those Realtors were only focused on closing the deal and making a commission. We worked with Helena for over six months on several towns to find not a house but our perfect home. She never once pushed us into a decision and was always honest, patient and supportive. She always made herself available based on our crazy schedules and was an excellent resource on other facts we wanted to learn about on different towns in Bergen County. Helena and her team always go above and beyond and I would highly recommend any potential buyer to work with a quality agent who will definitely exceed your goals! We found our dream home thanks to Madison Adams Realty!

Neelum & Anil - Hillsdale, NJ

What people say?

It is a pleasure for us to write a few words about our experience in selling our home in Teaneck. It was all made possible by Helena and Mark without whom we would probably still be showing our house to prospective buyers. Their marketing strategy worked for us. We know that we could not have sold our house by ourselves.

We had a large turn of the century house and it was difficult to tell how much we should do. We contacted Helena and Mark seven months before we put the house on the market and received a lot of valuable advice in preparing the house for sale. The first time we met, they spent more than two hours going through our house, from the attic to the cellar to the garage. They took a lot of time to examine every detail with a professional eye, so that they could advise us on what to do, and what not to do. As we look back, the advice Helena and Mark gave us proved to be right on the money.

It was a pleasure working with them. They were always calm and collected, and spent a lot of time explaining things to us. Most important, Helena and/or Mark could be reached at any time. Any questions we had they were there for us. We relied on their judgment. They spent a lot of time with us in going through the house several times and advising us on how to manage the sale. Sale of an older home like ours was a most educational experience. Even though we lived in the house for 33 years we learned a lot about it.

The house went on the market in July and three reasonable and acceptable offers were made in about a week. We accepted the best offer. We owe it to the hard work and persistence of Helena and Mark that the sale was successful. Helena and Mark went extra mile in making sure that the sale was finalized. We were surprised that our house sold so quickly, and at a good price which was more than we expected. We are very grateful to Helena and Mark for all they have done for us.

Barbara and Walter

Barbara and Walter - Teaneck, NJ

What people say?

Helena and Mark provided excellent professional service. She was knowledgeable and worked hard. She was very responsive and always returned calls in a timely fashion. She and Mark also provided valuable professional advice to help us sell our property.

Ningling - Cresskill, NJ

What people say?

Dear Helena and Mark:

We did not have the opportunity to speak with you at length after the closing. Thanks to you we were running to put our millions in the bank before the closing.

We were comfortable working with you from the start. You assured us, that with patience and realism, we did not have to give the house away despite the poor market. At each of our meetings you remained calm, continued to counsel patience and suggested and were open to creative ideas to market our unique home. While I will, among our friends, claim credit for the car on the lawn and the architectural renderings, I do believe they were your ideas. We were also grateful for the simplicity of the arrangements with the car dealer. We are certain that in the end, those ideas were responsible for the sale, at the price higher than we expected. It was certainly you who prevented me from grabbing the first offer and negotiated an additional increase in their offer.

After the contract you again stepped outside traditional thinking by encouraging us to meet with the buyers. It took a great deal of pressure off the last days of negotiation between the inspection and prior to their mortgage commitment.

You are a remarkable team. You each bring a clearly different professional perspective while both are centered on the main point of achieving our goals. We are grateful.

We are sure you do not need additional references, but please put us on your list and feel free to use this testimonial at any time.


Ethan and Talma

Ethan and Talma - Haworth, NJ

What people say?

Helena and Mark did a great job during the viewing the property and while the property was being closed on. They seem to care about their job very much. They made every effort on making my buying process as easy as possible. I wish them lots of luck and good sales in the future.

I am a professional firefighter and entrepreneur.

Yours Truly,


Jaime - Union City, NJ

What people say?

Helena is a very professional agent. He's been working with my family for many years. It is good to have a strong partner when dealing with complex transactions. She has got a very extensive list of connections which can help from getting a mortgage all the way to moving your big sofa! I recommend Helena to anyone looking to make a move in this very tricky market.

Guillermo - Englewood, NJ

What people say?

I have not had my experience with dealing directly with Helena, however, being involved in recruiting people from my various executive positions, I could say that my judgement would be well served if I judge from the input information, Helena has been providing for me from time to time, it tells me she has good knowledge of her local city New Jersey, her process expertise, her responsiveness, as for her negotiation skills, unfortunately, we did not reach that stage for me to comment on it, I leave that part to assess next time we reach it.

In one word, she is to be commended for her past performance as well as for the potential I could see she offers with lots of patience, for, I have been dealing with her for over 4 years and being a conservative, I feel I would be giving a balanced judgement if I said "she is to be recommended highly with her detailed attention to the need of her potential clients"

Theodore - Weehawken, NJ